Because I could Not Stop for Death by Emily Dickinson Essay

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Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, on December 10, 1830. Except for a few months of travel, she remained in Amherst until her death. Dickinson began, in her twenties, a gradual retreat into the confines of the homestead, the house in which she was born, until for the last fifteen years of her life she didn't leave its grounds and saw no one but her brother and sister. As her withdrawal intensified, Emily's principal method of communication was through her letters. Emily Dickinson died on May 15, 1886 after an illness. ( Harold Bloom 11 - 13) Modern readers are apt to comment upon the frequency with which Dickinson returns to this subject of death. (Wolff, Cynthia, G. 749) "Because I could Not Stop For Death" was written in …show more content…

the main image is that of a woman who is wearing a beautiful dress and is being taken to a ride to a new home by the most gentleman men she have ever met. What is so amazing about this poem is the way the author personifies the Death as the gentleman man and her new home as her grave. "She personifies the character of death and then dramatizes the experience: Death is portrayed as a general friend who 'kindly' stops to take her to her grave" (Bloom 37): "Because I could not stop for Death -" (Line 1), "He kindly stopped for me -" (Line 2), "The carriage held but just ourselves -" (Line 3), "And Immortality." (Line 4), "We slowly drove - he knew no haste" (Line 5), "And I had put away" (Line 6), "My labor and my leisure too," (Line 7), "For his civility -" (Line 8), "We passed the school where children played -" (Line 9), "At Recess - in the Ring -" (Line 10),"We passed the fields of gazing grain -" (Line 11), "We passed the setting sun -" (Line 12), "Or rather - He passed us -" (Line 13), "The dews drew quivering and chill -" (Line 14), "For only gossamer, mi gown -" (Line 15), "My Tippet - only Tulle-" (Line 16), "We passed before a house that seemed" (Line 17), "A swelling of the ground-" (Line 18), "The roof was scarcely visible-" (Line 19), "The cornice -in the ground-" (Line 20), "Since then - 'tis is centuries - and yet" (Line 21), "Feels shorter than the day" (Line 22), "I first surmised the horses heads" (Line 23),

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