Bed Bugs

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Getting Pest Control Services for Bed Bugs A bed bug infestation is a horrible experience. These small brown insects feed exclusively on blood, leaving behind an itchy welt with every bite. Professional treatment is a must, whether you are dealing with an infestation in your home or your business. It's crucial that bed bugs are dealt with quickly and our technicians have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Bed bugs make their homes in beds, couches and other furniture. They reproduce at an alarming rate, with each female laying as many as 35 eggs per week. A severe infestation can make your home unbearable to live in and cause customers to take their business elsewhere. It's important to seek professional help quickly if you …show more content…

They hide beneath furniture, behind wallboards, inside outlet covers and in the smallest of cracks. Our technicians treat every square inch of affected rooms, paying special attention to cracks and crevices where the bugs take refuge. The treatment spray we use not only kills the insects it comes into contact with, but has a residual effect that continues to destroy bed bugs for several weeks after the initial treatment. Service Visit The technician will do a thorough initial inspection of your residence or business to determine how extensive the problem is. This requires an examination of the areas beneath and behind furniture as well as inside closets and cabinets. Once the inspection is complete, a treatment plan will be developed specifically for your situation. During the next stage of treatment, the technician will remove the adult bed bugs as well as the eggs and nymphs that they leave behind. The area is then treated with a highly effective pesiticide that continues to kill the bed bugs that crawl through it for weeks to come. Bed bugs readily move from one place to another if disturbed, so it may be necessary to treat more than one room in your home or

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