Beewulf : An Analysis Of The Legend Of Beowulf

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An Analysis of the Legend of Beowulf
To start, Beowulf was written somewhere between 700-1000 AD by an anonymous author to demonstrate that good prevails over evil; if someone has the will and strength there is nothing they cannot overcome. Beowulf was born in Geatland the son of Ecgtheow and rumored to be the strongest man to live during the time. This was at a time in which England was beginning to convert to Christianity. Beowulf is a hero to many in this epic poem when he shows his strength and his determination to free the people from the ferocious spawn of Cain. He faces three monsters who are Grendel, Grendel’s mom, and the dragon. He goes to Denmark to defeat Grendel, and to put an end to his terror. Does he accomplish that? He certainly does when he rips the arm off of that gruesome, death inducing monster. He hears about the mother of the fiend, so he decides to go after her to help protect the people from further retribution from the vile being. He makes it to the bottom of the lake where she finds him, then she takes him back to her lair to enact her revenge on him for slaying her only son. They fight and he is confident he’s on the path of destruction, but she is not able to pierce his armor with her bloodstained, rusty knife. He believes that God is protecting him and that gives him the time to see the giant magic sword chained to the wall. He breaks free from her and gets to the sword and he releases it from what was binding it to the stone. He summons

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