Begging From Behind Birmingham Bars

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Emily Mrstik
Advanced English Composition
October 6, 2015
Begging from Behind Birmingham Bars Injustice is here. Injustice should not be normal. Injustice is the reason I have been imprisoned. One of the foremost advocators for desegregation and equal rights for all races, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. writes a letter to stress to the world that, while some choose to ignore the injustices being done against the African American race, he will continue fighting for equality no matter what, even when he is in prison for doing just that. He weaves together an emotional web, drawing his audience in with vivid and sometimes horrifying pictures of oppression inflicted upon the black race and detailing his past experiencing these abuses and the past …show more content…

By using this expert to help relate to his audience, he demonstrates that he has studied American culture’s past before determining that these injustices will be difficult to extinguish and it will be a struggle to change the status quo. Trying to put a definition to “just” and “unjust” and also putting a face to the fight of inequality, Dr. King still finds ways to establish reasons to listen to him. Using the simplest of logic and some current political knowledge to communicate that he does indeed know what he is talking about, King follows the history of the vote in Alabama, saying that the state has found several methods to prevent the Negroes from voting, including having several counties not have “a single Negro registered to vote, despite the fact that the Negroes constitute a majority of the population” (3). King also asks if “any law set up in such a state [can] be considered democratically structured?” (3). By showing that he observed the current conditions of democracy in the country, he puts himself into the position of a scientist observing an experiment, and a scientist comes from a position of power and tries to approach with an unbiased opinion. When trying to defend his actions in Birmingham and addressing the fact that the church as a whole has yet to deal with the injustice being done to the black race across America, Dr. King continues to use specific details to

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