Being A Flat Character In The Character Of Smith By John Smith

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Throughout the story Smith Transformed from being a very flat character into the nice round character he was at the end of the story. Smith began the story with many flaws that made him a flat character. Along smiths journey with his precious document he went through many changes to his life some for the better and some for the worse. Smith grew greatly in not only fortune from his document but also wisdom he learned from the people around him. Although smith may have been known as a dirty urchin boy who was no goo for nothing he certainly changed some peoples thoughts of him. Smith had many laws but he very determined to right his wrongs and fix all thoughts flaws so that he could go up in the world. Smith’s most restricting flay was his illiteracy. Since smith was never taught to read when he was young it made it impossible for smith to read his precious document and find out what it held. Smith never led a very happy life he was very poor and never even had something as simple as a bed. “Now Smith, though he’d slept on straw his whole life, wasn’t so ignorant as not know a bed when he saw one.” (Page 48). All Smith strived for in the novel was to make his was up in the world he was very determined which may not seem like a flaw but because he was striving most of his life and continuality failing makes it seem like a flaw. Smith had many flaws but through deamination and a little bit of luck he was able to make his way past those flaws. Smith experienced many changes
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