Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

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I believe minimum wage should be raised. There are several reasons why I think it should be raised, but there are also several negative outcomes if minimum wage were to be raised. I was making minimum wage while I was a cashier at Best Buy, and I felt like I wasn’t making much money. It wasn’t enough for me to get by. Raising minimum wage could benefit people who are battling cancer, pregnant women, and prevent premature fatalities. Raising the minimum wage could also affect low-paying jobs and put them out of work. It would also alter people’s rent, bills, and food stamps. Some people say it would be unfair to raise minimum wage. Raising minimum wage would also affect gender equivalence. I think it is important to research the raising of minimum wage because a lot of people think raising minimum wage is just beneficial, but it has a lot of negative outcomes as well. Minimum wage should be raised because it promotes a healthier lifestyle, helps people afford things they need, and help the economy grow, but it would also cause in-equality, inflation, less people being hired, and unemployment. If minimum wage were to be raised, it would benefit a lot of people’s health. Raising minimum wage to $15 an hour would support pregnant women, people battling cancer, and lower infant fatalities. If the minimum wage were to be raised by one dollar, there would be less low birth weight deliveries and infant births. Raising the minimum wage would influence a pregnant woman’s financial
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