Benefits Of Staying Single In Japan

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Staying Single is Popular in Japan When people talk about what family is, the first image in my mind is that a father and his son are sitting on the deep green grass beside a jewelry blue lake, and colorful birds are singing while the sun is shining on their smiling faces, which is a good example from “Once More to the Lake” (White). What is a family? In my opinion, a family is that the people have the close relationship and share the responsibility for each other. In a family, people love each other and follow the same value, and they share the same sorrow and happiness, and they support each other, such as the father’s helping his son to do carpentry from “The Inheritance of Tools” (Sanders). Considering for these, a family seems like at least two persons in people’s traditional opinions. If more and more people want to stay single instead of getting married, what and how will affect our society? I have some Japanese friends in International Education Center, which is an ESL school for international students. They tell me that living single has been popular in Japan, and they have some relatives who prefer to a single life. Staying single in Japan is increasing because of the pressure of finances for supporting a family, and this kind of trend results in the growth rate of population is declining, which gives a great challenge to Japanese society. There are more people who want to stay single, which is a significant trend in Japan. The reason might be that it is more

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