Beowulf A Hero

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In the epic poem Beowulf, it portrays a heroine, a mighty warrior who fights to the death with Grendel, a nefarious beast. Most people think heroes are like this mythical creature that only exists in fairy tales; however they are more common than you might think. A hero is someone that possesses noble qualities and exceptional achievements. Heroes aren’t always wearing a cape, flying high; sometimes they are one of the people in the background-- never hearing a “thank you”. We encounter heroes everyday from teachers to parents to doctors, they help to better us in our everyday lives. His courageousness allowed him the most impressive fight of his life. “He needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I (ll 190-191)”, Beowulf is so…show more content…
He was able to fight Grendel and win, no one else was able to do that except Beowulf. “Bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped (ll 468-469)”, no one was capable of defeating the fiend, until Beowulf came to the rescue to do what no other man could do. Beowulf was so strong that he ripped the arm, shoulder and all off of the beast, only to let him await his slow and tedious death to bring him to hell’s open flames. Without gratitude Beowulf would not have wanted to thank his people. “He tells Wiglaf to give the dragon’s treasure to the Geats (27)”, this proves how honorable he is. If he did not have gratitude he would have never wanted Wiglaf to give the treasure to the people or to build a lighthouse. Beowulf never even asked for a “thank you” for all of his good deeds. Beowulf is a wonderful hero that didn’t deserve to die the way he did. But, he died an honorable death to which many people will remember. Being the strongest man on Earth wasn’t what made Beowulf a hero, it was the ways in which he used his powers. He used his gifts for the greater good and to help humanity from the evil fiends in it. All of these qualities combined to create one on the greatest heroes there ever was-- fictional or

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