Beowulf A New Telling Analysis

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Beowulf a New Telling by Robert Nye was a very unusual yet interesting story because of how the author use sensory details and figurative language, this story also showed many themes since each character acted a different way and added a new theme. During the story Beowulf shows both good and evil in his character in many different ways. He tries to save the land of the Danes by killing an evil soul named Grendel who haunts Hall Heorot and Grendel’s mother by swimming down into a pool of blood to defeat her. While doing these things Beowulf has t5o deal with Unferth, an old drunken fellow who disagreed with the killing of Grendel. Once Beowulf had done what he had came to do he decided that it was time to go back to the land of the Geats which was his hometown. There he became the King and defeated the Firedrake, a lizard like creature that haunted the burying places of men. Beowulf was aging and soon after that he passed and was buried at a great green fist of land that stuck out into the sea and was remembered for his great events that were haunting the people of the Danes and Geats. Throughout this book there are many different themes that come about. One that I saw many different times throughout the story was generosity. Beowulf showed it very much during the story. Some examples of him showing it is when he volunteered to go fight off Grendel without hesitation. Also when he said that he would go swim down to the bottom of the blood pool to defeat and put
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