Beowulf Analysis

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Beowulf was an outstanding literary piece of work that incorporated many different aspects of life including those of a warrior. The main character Beowulf was portrayed as a strong man that fought for glory, his king, and God. While he fought valiantly to protect people he did have some shortcomings. He was not suited to rule anyone yet due to his renowned fighting skills people put him in positions of power. While he managed to portrayed himself as a successful leader he only helped his people temporarily. He was able to protect others while he was alive, but he did not prepare for the future and when he died he left a power gap no one could fill. He was successful in his youth when he could win almost any fight, but with age he starts to show his flaws. Beowulf was a charismatic leader who could rally people behind him, yet he was not capable of leading them off the battlefield. First I will address how Beowulf won the people’s support through battle and how that potentially negatively impacted the characters in the long run. He was the perfect warrior and since monsters and battles are common in this story he was incredibly influential. Beowulf first learned camaraderie and bravery by fighting with other men. In battles one had to be able to rely on the others fighting with him in order to win everyone had to fight to their fullest. “In brief, feedback was swift, and a warrior band consisting of cowardly warriors would not”¹ That is why Beowulf became so well known and

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