Beowulf And Thor Similarities

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"His father's warrior were wound round his heart. With golden rings, bound to their prince, by his father's treasure. So young men build, The future, wisely open-handed in peace. Protected in war; so warriors earn,Their fame, and wealth is shaped with a sword."(Beowulf. Page 24). Beowulf and Thor are two characters who have similarities throughout their life that defines them alike. They both know what it takes to become king. Their stories and physical actions against evil monsters show they are not humane.
Beowulf has long blonde hair, with traits of bravery, honor and faith. Beowulf isn’t like any modern hero with magical powers. He has supernatural strength that come with a lot of confidence. He has the mentality he can take on any evil monsters. His loyalty is described in the story when he volunteers to Hrothgar that he will kill Grendel and Grendel’s mother. Beowulf is described as a hero who kills monsters with his supernatural strength . “ a thane, they declared with the strength of thirty in the grip of each hand”(Beowulf chapter 1 lines 380-381). During Beowulf’s story he travels to Denmark with 12 men determined to fight against Grendel. Grendel is monstrous, a evil giant who lives underneath the waters in a swamp. The monster fights and kills the Danes every night. The Danes are left with fear and danger. Beowulf fights Grendel and slices off his arm and the arm is hung high in the mead hall as a sign of a accomplishment defeating the monster.

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