Beowulf Is Most Important Pieces Of English Literature

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Beowulf is one of the most important pieces of English literature. The epic poem is said to be a great representation of the Anglo-Saxon era. Written by an anonymous monk between 800 and 1000 A.D., Beowulf displays Anglo-Saxon practices, beliefs, values, and religion. Beowulf is not only a fascinating story, but also a primary source for the time period. Serving as a primary source document, scholars can have a deep understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture. They can learn about the Old English language, their customs and beliefs, and what they valued. This is why Beowulf is one of the most important pieces of English literature. Even though Beowulf serves as a primary document, it still, however, has a mystery behind it. Some of the …show more content…

Christians believe in one all-powerful, all-knowing God. Their source of wisdom is from the Holy Bible, which was, at the time, only copied and written by monks. Christians value brotherly love, forgiveness, the love of God, and other various things. In contrast of paganism, Christians view treasure as one of the seven deadly sins because hoarding it leads to greed. Although, similar to paganism, Christians value sharing. They believe it is good to share one’s fortune to those less fortunate than themselves. Doing such a task gives them a sense of good morals and the grace of God. Certainly Christian and pagan beliefs are both represented in Beowulf. Based on what the world knows, Beowulf was written by an anonymous monk. At the time, England was converted to Christianity. The world, however, does not know why there are Christian connections in Beowulf. The biggest conspiracy is the monk wanted to blend Christian customs with the Anglo-Saxon’s, so there was not a threat to convert people by force. Many scholars believe that Christians had done this centuries before the epic poem was written. Although, for a brief moment, paganism was briefly mentioned in Beowulf. “Sometimes at pagan shrines they vowed offerings to idols, swore oaths that the killer of souls might come to their aid and save their people. That was their way, their heathenish hope; deep in their hearts they remembered

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