Beowulf Versus Shrek

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Mr. Newell
October 9, 2014
British Literature – D
Shrek versus Beowulf (Hero’s Journey) Joseph Campbell dedicated his whole life researching patterns that appear in almost every hero story or movie. He discovered that there are a few basics stages that just about every hero character goes through. This cycle is called “the monomyth” or more commonly known as “the hero’s journey.” This paper will compare and contrast Beowulf and Shrek and how each fits into the monomyth. Every story that involves a hero will subsequently follow the concept of the Heroes Journey. In both Shrek and Beowulf, crossing the threshold/threshold guardian stage is quite similar. This stage is defined as the point at which the character(s) cross from …show more content…

This stage in Shrek and Beowulf is quite similar once again. Both of the heroes had to fight different enemies in order to reach the end goal. It just so happens that both of them faced a fire breathing dragon along the way. This further proves that Campbell’s monomyth is extremely accurate. The last stage of the heroes’ journey that will be analyzed using the stories Shrek and Beowulf is the “master of two

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