Betrayal In 'The Kite Runner'

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Some people know what it feels like to be betrayed, and some people know what it’s like to betray others.Betrayal comes in different forms and it’s seen in a variety of different relationships. Marriages, friendships, affiliations between different companies, parents-to-children relationships can all be affected by betrayals. But one place where betrayal is exemplified the most is in literature. In literature, betrayal represents a huge conflict in the plot, and even if it’s not the most important conflict it will still contribute to the meaning of the work as a whole; the scar's betrayal leaves behind will never fully heal unless you completely forgive and forget the incident or until you receive forgiveness and you forget as well.
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To be concise, Amir witnesses Hassan being raped. Instead of helping Hassan and standing for what is right, Amir decided to choose cowardice. “In the end, I ran”(Hosseini, 77).” This incident of betrayal marks the first part of the whole betrayal affecting the plot. Now Amir has done something he cannot undo. Secondly, we have the chronic sense of reminder that ties back to the betrayal. Throughout the novel, the author will repetitively use a variety of ways to incorporate this. In The Kite Runner, several instances of this sense of repetitive reminder is shown in the plot. One instance is when Amir and Baba are having a great “moment” in Amir’s new car. Baba says Hassan’s name and Amir describes his inner reaction; “A pair of steel hands closed around my windpipe at the sound of Hassan’s name. I rolled down the window. Waited for the steel hands to loosen their grip.”(138) This quote shows exactly what I was saying earlier. At this time, Amir is in his twenty’s and he betrayed Hassan at the age of twelve. Another instance where Amir remembers the person whom he betrayed was where Amir remembers how he never spoke out about the incident where Hassan was assaulted. Amir listens to Soraya tell him the truth about her previous relationships. He envied her ability to speak the truth without being told to: “I envied her. Her secret was out. Spoken. Deal with. I opened my …show more content…

There’s an incident, an inner turmoil or conflict between multiple characters that seems to have an eternal longevity, and it either ends with forgiveness/forgetting through some means or it will carry on until the demise of all those associated with the betrayal. But why does it matter? It’s just literature right? No. It ties into reality very well. People all over the world suffer from the classic “grudge.” A friend, a spouse, a colleague, or even a parent does something that hurts us. Or even you are that person who committed that act. It hurts us and sometimes we have these chains that seem forever clasped around our wrists. We try to forget but just forgetting out of the blue isn’t possible. It takes strength and inner will to commit to rectifying the situation. Maybe you owe that person something. Maybe you deserve the punishment. Or, you just don’t forgive the person who betrayed you. All it takes is a small key to insert into the lock and unclasp those

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