Beyond Death Essay

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Beyond Death “The Fountain” is a movie centered around the imaginary spring of the Fountain of Youth. The Fountain of Youth is a mythical fountain which according to legend had the power of renewing youth (Knowles, Elizabeth). It was Izzi’s dream for Tommy to find the Fountain of Youth so she could be healed. People believed that the water would make old people young and would heal all kinds of sickness. The movie continually dwells on how to escape the pain of death. The ring is a symbol of a beginning without end. The “annual ring” is any of the concentric rings seen in cross sections of the stems of most trees and shrubs: each ring is a layer of wood that normally is a year’s growth (“annual ring“). however, this does not guarantee…show more content…
The Tree of Life was the center design for all of the film’s three periods. Tommy used the tree to begin his adventure back into the past. Since it was only a design of the tree, one day his mission would be to find the real tree. Tommy was a man of many talents. His first talent was a research oncologist, which he would use to someday find a cure for brain tumors. He was also a conquistador who served the Spanish Queen Isabella in an attempt to assassinate the Grand Inquisitor Silecio of Spain. Then there was the astronaut Tom who travels upward to a golden cloud of interstellar gas or dust in a spacecraft housing a dying tree. Tom used his abilities to accomplish his dream of the past, present and future. His first profession was used to help develop a cure or reverse a brain tumor in a rhesus monkey. It was his dream to find a cure so his beloved wife Izzi could be cured. Izzi’s brain tumor was taking a toll on her life. At first his experiment on Donovan, the monkey, proved unsuccessful. Tommy did not give up and decided to use an untested compound taken from a Guatemalan tree. At first if failed to stop the tumors growth, but in time, it healed Donovan’s wounds and improved his abilities. However for Izzi, the brain tumor was about to take its toll. Izzi relayed to Tommy what her wish was. She wanted him to finish the book she was writing. Then Izzi went to sleep. Tommy read her script and then fell
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