Bible Studies: Analysis of Paul's Prison Epistle Books

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Lord brought Paul in a city called Rome to go and do the mission strategy which was given to the disciples by Jesus just before he ascended into heaven. Paul's task was to complete the mission of making the gospel to come to all corners of the world. Lord told him to take courage since he had testified many things about him in Jerusalem therefore he was in a good position of doing it once more in Rome.
There could be evidences that, these books were written at the same time. Paul wrote these four books with intention of warning the members of the church to be prepared for the spiritual conflicts that will result in putting into practice the principle of Christianity. He also wrote the books to act as in exposition of the nature of universal church, and the body of Christ. For this case, various names were given to the church by Paul in relation to the prison epistles. The church was defined as the body of Christ, meaning that all those who believed in Christ were to be the part of the church and be considered a significant part of the church.
The church was also described as the temple of God, which signifies the believers who wished to be in the house of God to pray making the congregation within a building that is set aside for the sole purpose of worship. This reflects back on the act of Jesus where He chased business…
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