Bilingual-Bicultural Approach

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Having a father with hearing loss I know a little about hearing aids and some of the testing that people go through. I also knew that volume of the person speaking can be a sign of hearing loss, having a former employ and friend who are both loud and both have partial hearing loss. I did also know about the structure of the ear from biology courses and that hearing is measured in decibels. I did know that children with hearing issues are normal or even gifted but they just may struggle from the lack of hearing.

Three Key Terms:
Bilingual-bicultural approach: a strategy for teaching students who goes back and forth between two languages. They may also use writing as a way of speech.

Acquired hearing loss: is when you are not born with a …show more content…

I would then offer to share the information with the parents assuming that they have not received any or much information. If you present the information in a way that is not threatening the mother may be more open to find qualified doctors to discuss the surgery more. I would also try to find out what the mother feels is important, music, art, etc. and try to work that into the conversations on how hearing my help Tony in these situations. The differences can stress the family enormously causing marital stress which in an extreme case could lead to divorce and more hardships on Tony. If I am causing more stress to the family and it is obvious that they do not want my help or opinion that is all I can do regarding the family. I can do my best to help him learn in school and that will probably be the extent of what I could do. Newly learned: I found it interesting that people who use American Sign Language (ASL) are bilingual, which makes sense. Learning how to keep communication open with parents who are deaf or have hearing loss was interesting. Also learning that their reading levels are lower was a new concept to me but it makes sense if you aren’t seeing and hearing the letters and the sounds that they go with them; they may not have as much meaning at first. I was glad for the promising element s of reading instruction for children. I want to teach math, using captions or stories may help with the

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