Bimstone Symbol Of Satanism: What Does Leviathan Cross Mean?

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What Does The Leviathan Cross Mean The brimstone symbol some time known as the leviathan cross. At the bottom there is the infinity sign in this cross and at the top there is a double cross. This is related to the Satanism, the double cross is for the protection and balance between male and female. The infinity symbol is for the internal happiness and relaxes. This is used to represent the kingdom of Satan that is called the hell. This is about the afterlife pleasure, happiness and relaxes; this symbol is made of the alchemical elements. This symbol is discovered and generated by the Anton Lavey, he is the founder of the church of Satan. This symbol is related to the Christian religion, and it becomes very popular in the revolution time. Sigil Of Sulfur Brimstone Leviathan Cross Sigil means, an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. The sigil of sulfur, leviathan cross is the same thing, and in Asia it is called the brimstone, is a sign for alchemical element sulfur and it is piously corresponding with the human soul. It is the combination of the alchemical sulfur and mercury, where the alchemical sulfur has the quality of masculine, hot …show more content…

And it contains the very strong magical powers. The person who has these magical power considered as the superior in the world. These powers may be supernatural, magical and natural force. This symbol is made by a specific technique and mostly made by the metal. This symbol is very powerful and considered as the superior of all others symbol. The base of this symbol depends on the Satanism because the use of this religious thing is start by the Satanism. And there is no divine power in this symbol it only contains the demon powers. It is nearly related to the black magic powers but they have different goal to each others. But now days it is only considered as the superstitions, no one have faith in the story of

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