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My Autobiography About Me I love reading. I read almost all kinds of novels, picture books, and some magazines. As a result, I’m full of creativity and imagination. Sometimes I also listen to the radio, and my favorite radio station is ICRT. I’m outgoing and I like to mingle with people and make friends. My hobbies are extensive. Thus, I’m eager to explore and try new things. My Personalities “You make people open their hearts up to you,” said one of my bosom friends. Not until then did I realize why my friends tended to share feelings and thoughts without reservation. In addition, several friends of mine also told me that when they were having a heart-to-heart talk with me, they connected with me at ease and with a…show more content…
My clubmates and I attended quite a few regional competitions in Taiwan and won several titles. We were awarded third prize in a dance competition to promote smoke-free campus commissioned by Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. ( 無煙校園 健康起飛宣導計畫之無煙創意舞蹈比賽) By attending competitions in groups, I have learned to compete against myself, and to watch and learn from other dancers. I have also learned a lot by holding club activities such as commercial performances and school anniversary performances to show people the dance routines and new moves the club developed. By taking responsibility for raising funds for the shows, designing the choreography, setting up the venue, and getting propagandas well organized, I have seen myself growing stronger bit by bit. Another skill I have acquired is communication skills. As a leader of a dance team, I have learned to take care of team members’ emotions in a more delicate way. In addition, I have taught myself better ways to take suggestions from leaders of other teams. More importantly, I learned to empower others to help me achieve what the team needed. Endless Passion to English In the second year of high school, I met a teacher who stimulated my passion to English. She not only taught me some methods of studying English, but also showed how interesting learning English can be. After her class, I start being crazy about English. The addiction I have to

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