Biography: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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Eleanor Roosevelt Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, commonly known as Eleanor Roosevelt, enjoys a lasting place in both American and international history due to her exceptional pursuit for greater world peace and social justice. Eleanor's encouragement for the human rights of all human beings, her durable contributions to both the civil rights and women's movements and her extensive journeys to the farthest places on the planet has earned her the pet name "First Woman of the World." Eleanor Roosevelt, daughter of Elliott Roosevelt, is renowned as an American humanitarian. Franklin Roosevelt was her uncle. Eleanor was a dynamic worker in social causes before getting married to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1905. Even after marriage and taking care of her 5 children, she hanged on to these communal interests ("Roosevelt, Eleanor"). In 1921, Franklin Roosevelt was stricken with poliomyelitis. It was the time when Eleanor decided to take a more lively interest in civic issues as she wanted to restore Roosevelt's associations with the world of politics. She played a primary role in women's organizations firstly as NY's governor's wife and then as United State's president's wife ("Roosevelt, Eleanor"). Not only this, she also actively encouraged youth movements, promoted consumer benefit, worked for the civil rights of marginal communities in the country and fought for pitiable accommodation and joblessness. In order to observe the societal conditions and further causes, she
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