Biography Of Isaac Newton 's Life

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Among all the scientists I have had a chance to learn about, one of the famous is known as Isaac Newton, born in 1642 and died in 1742. Generally recognized as a physicist, he is proudly known for his work in a lot of domain such as mathematics, optics, and motion which are all parts of physics. Born prematurely on Christmas day, he was fatherless and barely three years old when his mom left him as his maternal grandmother’s to get remarried and build a second family: challenging childhood but full of promises. Ten years later his mother Hanna, came back in Woolsthorpe, his natal town after the dead of her second husband. Despite her long absence, Newton was still denied of his mom’s attention, thus a great contribution to his complex character. Newton 's childhood was anything but happy, and throughout his life he verged on emotional collapse, occasionally falling into violent and vindictive attacks against friend and foe alike. After his mother returned to the town, he was forced to quit school and become a farmer; a duty that he, fortunately, failed to fulfill. This failure led him back to King’s school at Grantham where he prepared his entrance to Trinity College at Cambridge. The bigger challenge was to overcome the farmer live in a profit of a fractious student life. His life, therefore, changed when he left Woolsthorpe for Cambridge University. And by all appearances his academic performance was undistinguished. In 1664 Isaac Barrow, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

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