Biography of John Quincy Adams

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Did you know that John Quincy Adams is the most fit president because he walked three miles every day ? These facts are really interesting! To learn about John Quincy Adams.

During his childhood these are some important events that happened. A little boy was born on July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts. This little boy’s name is John Quincy Adams. When John was 10, he went with his father to France on a mission and acted as his father’s secretary. Also, from a hilltop near the family farm with his mother, he watched the famous Battle of Bunker Hill in the summer of June 1775. As far as schooling goes these are some things about his schooling. His classes were for 8-12th! He began each day at 6! After lunch it was P.E., but he retired that to go and study in his room. John always dressed in a blue uniform of tailcoat, waistcoat, and breeches, with silver buckles on his shoes. After spending several months studying Greek mathematics, John was admitted to Harvard as a junior. Because his father was America’s first ambassador to Great Britain, he did not have to pay his tuition. But, the annual cost of tuition, a room, and books was about 100 dollars. The faculty included the president, three professors, and four tutors. John returned to Massachusetts in 1785 and entered Harvard College. Harvard College was founded in 1636. He graduated from Harvard College in 1787. In 1789 he finished his legal apprenticeship. He would later study at European universities and he

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