Biography of Louis Armstrong Essay

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Louis Armstrong was born in one of the poorest sections in New Orleans, August 4, 1901. Louis a hard-working kid who helped his mother and sister by working every type of job there was, including going out on street corners at night to singing for coins. Slowly making money, Louis bought his first horn, a cornet. At age eleven Armstrong was sent to juvenile Jones Home for the colored waifs for firing a pistol on New Year’s Eve. While in jail Armstrong received his first formal music lesson from one of the friends he met their, he later played in Home’s brass band that was located in the same facility. Armstrong gained experience from the band. After a year and six month he was released. After being released he considered himself as a …show more content…

Armstrong's health began to fail him and he was hospitalized several times over the remaining three years of his life, but he continued playing and recording. In 1968 he recorded his last song, "What A Wonderful World", before becoming one of the greatest Jazz hits in America, Louis’ “number one hit” gained popularity in the U.K April 1968. It later gained popularity in America after 1987 when it was used in the film Good Morning, Vietnam July 6th 1971 the world's greatest Jazz musician died in his sleep at his home in Queens, New York.

After his death Louis kept his spirit buried in each and everyone of us. “Louis is not dead for his music is and will remain in the hearts and minds of countless millions of the world’s people, and in the playing of hundreds of thousands of musicians who have come under his influence”(Dizzy Gillespie, July, 17 1971).
Louis buried a long lasting affect in everyone’s heart with his smooth playing and brilliant use of his trumpet.
Many people felt the same pain as President Richard Nixon,” Mrs. Nixon and I shared the sorrow of millions of Americans at the death of Louis Armstrong. One of the architects of an American art form, a free and individual spirit, and an artist of worldwide fame, his great talents and magnificent spirit and richness and pleasure to all our lives”( People knowing that the best trumpet player in the world has been

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