Biological Criminal Behavior Essay

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Biological Criminal Behavior
Jordan Miller, Amy Showers, Sarah Wilson, Myron Reynolds, Cristine Saldate, Aisha Peeples
CJA 314
May 14, 2012
Alonzo Medina

Biological Criminal Behavior
People perceive that crime, primarily violent crimes, such as murder, is the most serious crime society faces in modern times. This has led to efforts by many research groups to attempt to find the cause of such criminal behavior. The focus of such research is biological issues with the belief that a biological basis in criminals does exist and that understanding biology is useful when attempting to predict the individuals who may be predisposed to criminal activity in the future. Research in the 1960s suggested that males with an extra Y chromosome
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Andrea was eventually released from the hospital and was directed to receive out-patient care and was also prescribed Haldol. Her doctor warned Andrea and Rusty that another pregnancy and bearing another child may contribute to future episodes of psychotic behavior. Shortly after her release from the hospital, at the suggestion of her husband, Rusty, Andrea became pregnant once again and decided to quit taking the Haldol prescribed to her. She gave birth to her fifth child, Mary, on November 30, 2000. Andrea coped well until her father passed away four months later. Her mental state immediately began to digress. She quit feeding the newborn Mary, refused to eat or drink, began self mutilation, and quit talking. She also began reading the Bible more frantically (Montaldo, 2012).
Shortly after her father passed away in March 2001, Andrea was admitted to another hospital. She was treated briefly by her psychiatrist, Dr. Mohammed Saeed. Saeed also prescribed Haldol to Andrea claiming that she did not seem psychotic. After her release she sub-sequentially returned a few months later in May. After 10 days, Andrea was released yet again. Her follow-up visit with Dr. Saeed consisted of his telling her to consider seeing a psychologist and to think positive thoughts. Rusty had arranged for his mother to come over and help Andrea with the children after he left for work for several days after she was released from the hospital. On the second day Andrea decided
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