Biomes and The Food Production

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Introduction • It has been suggested that food production has changed some biomes in Australia, from natural systems to systems completely dominated by humans. • In the following essay a number of points will be discussed to show my support of this statement. The following paragraph will discuss the definition of a biome and examples of these in Australia will be outlined. • Following this food production in Australia will be discussed and the effects this has had on the land. • In the next paragraph the impacts of this farming will be outlined and possible solutions discussed. • Finally, in the last paragraph my opinion on the above statement will be addressed. What is it? • Biomes are large ecological spaces on the Earth’s surface where fauna and flora have adapted to the environment. As Australia is a huge area it has great number of different biomes. The main biomes found here include wetlands and rivers, savanna, sea grass meadows, old growth forests and deserts. • Wetlands and rivers are found in low-lying areas or alongside rivers, lakes and streams. They provide a water and food source and are a habitat for many native and migratory birds. • Another biome is the Savanna. Savanna includes the grasslands. They can be flat with few trees or shrubs or open woodland. This biome is used by farmers for animals to graze. The Aboriginal people would hunt the animals found here for food. • Seagrass meadows are submerged flowering plants that form off long,

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