Birth Control And Sexual Relationships

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As human beings, we are inclined to engage in sexual relationships. It is an innate desire, as humans, to experience sexual intimacy. When it comes to topics of sex and relationships with intimate partners, many ideas of what is right and wrong arise. Birth control is a controversial concept in which individuals in sexual relationships deal with on a daily basis. A person 's religious and moral values will lead them to view some of the alternatives of birth control as being unacceptable. Despite the morality of birth control, it is essential to recognize that it has been and currently is a major issue among humans.
What exactly is birth control? Birth control means things that can be done to ensure that pregnancy only happens if and when wanted. People have been using birth control for thousands of years. Birth control has not only been an issue throughout history, but also among cultures. In ancient Greece, linen condoms, dried fish powder, and sea sponges were used as contraceptives. In ancient Egypt women used dried crocodile dung and honey as vaginal suppositories to prevent pregnancy. One of the earliest mentions of contraceptive vaginal suppositories appears in the Ebers Medical Papyrus , a medical guide written between 1550 and 1500 BC. Women not only used certain items to prevent pregnancy but also ate or drank substances not only to prevent pregnancy, but to induce miscarriage. Concoctions of plants and herbs such as Queen Anne 's lace, pennyroyal, and giants

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