Birth Control Could It Be Illegal Again By Adam Conson Article Summary

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The article “Birth Control: Could It Be Illegal Again?” that is found on Time Magazine was written to warn the audience of the actions of birth control opponents and how the pill is at jeopardy of being banned in the United States. In an approach to convince readers that birth control is in danger, the author uses logos to appeal to logic but contradicts the point in the article by stating specific reasons pro-birth-control is succeeding. The article begins by giving the history on contraception to readers to help build up the idea that birth control is a controversial topic. Opponents of birth control have been working at the state level to eliminate tax money being spent on planned parenthood, a non-profit organization that helps …show more content…

The purpose of news media is to report facts not commentary. The article is a reflection of Cohen’s personal views,
For now, the pro-birth-control forces are clearly ahead — and that is a good thing. It should be clear by now that universal access to birth control gives women the ability to control their lives, and makes it more likely that when babies come into the world they are wanted — and that their parents are in a position to care for them (Cohen, par.9).
The tone of the article is critical as Cohen uses sarcasm to make the audience members who disagree question their beliefs. He uses logos appeal to persuade the readers that birth control is up to a woman to use and not the government. The article “Republicans Aim to End Birth Control Benefit in Last-Minute Obamacare Repeal Push (Update)” supports Cohens article and idea. Cohen repeats the same idea in the article, that opponents of birth control have a possibility of changing the easy accessibility of birth control. Christine Grimaldi includes insights from Janel George, the director of federal rights and health, “Unfortunately, it would return us to a time where a woman’s access to birth control or her access to the coverage she needs would depend upon her zip code, George said in a phone interview” (Grimaldi, par.11). “Republicans Aim to End Birth Control Benefit in Last-Minute Obamacare Repeal Push (Update)” shows the credibility of

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