Birth Control : The Harm Effects Of Birth Control

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Harming the Hormones
According to Professor Janet E. Smith, “98% of all women ages 15-44 have used some type of birth control.” Birth control is not something most women think hard about taking. In today’s society, many people rather take the easy way out of most situations. Instead of dealing with short term pain they rather seize it immediately without paying attention to the long-term effects. Birth Control is used for many different reasons such as preventing pregnancy, clearing acne and stopping heavy blood flow. Once women see what good it does for them they do not even pay attention to the bad, which is where those long-term effects come in. Some harmful side effects of birth control are weight gain, heavy bleeding, and Osteoporosis. Just like any other medication it can be helpful and harmful but in this case birth control is more harmful to a woman’s body than it is helpful.
Birth Control is a global contraceptive that has been in use for more than 50 years. When Birth Control first came about in 1960 it was approved for married couples only, now over 10 million women married or single use this method. Most women complain about the harsh side effects of birth control but they rather put up with them before they risk having an unplanned pregnancy. Side effects such as weight gain and mood changes play a major role in the decision of birth control use. There is a saying that says, “If you knew better you would do better” most women do not even know better so they

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