Black Death Epidemic Disease Analysis

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The first epidemic disease discussed by the author was the Black Death and how it impacted western Europe in the mid 1300’s. The disease started its first mysterious outbreak near the Black Sea in what is now southern Ukraine; the victims that were affected by it suffered from headaches, staggered when they tried to walk and felt weak. Their armpits would swell by the third day and their hearts would beat fast while trying to pump blood through the swollen tissue. The victim's nervous system started to collapse causing pain and bizarre arm and leg movements, as the victim’s death got closer the mouth gaped open and the skin started turning black from internal bleeding. The victim’s last day usually came on the fifth day after being infected with the disease.

They believed that outsiders brought the disease, the only outsiders they knew were the Italian traders. After figuring out who to blame the natives prepared an army to …show more content…

The sailors on the ships were either dead or dying, the people on the port told the remaining sailors to stay on the ships so that the disease doesn’t spread on throughout the town. But no one noticed the real disease carrying host, in the night the black rats would go down the ropes from the ship onto the dock and went to the town. The black rats had fleas that carried the disease within them. The fleas made their natural move to survive which was to suck blood out of its host, but not only did it consume blood it also caused a breakthrough and let the disease spread like wildfire. The Black Death kept spreading until most of the western Europe was infected and heir population was rapidly decreasing in a negative way. The english nursery rhyme “Ring-a-ring o’ roses” came from the inspiration of what physicians told their patients to

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