Black Death History

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The Black Death was one of the most devastating tragedies in history, resulting in the deaths of 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and Europe in the years 1346–1353. It arrived in Europe by sea in October 1347 when 12 ships went to the Sicilian port of Messina after a long journey through the Black Sea. The people who gathered on the docks to greet the ships were met with a horrifying surprise: Most of the sailors aboard the ships were dead, and the ones that were still alive where very sick and barely getting through it. They were overcome with fever, unable to keep food down and suffering from pain. Strangest of all, they were covered weird black boils and gave their sickness its name: the “Black Death.” The Sicilian authorities quickly ordered the fleet of “death ships” out of the harbor, but it was too late.
The Black Death is thought to have started in the arid plains of Central Asia, where it travelled along the Silk Road, reaching Crimea by 1343. From there, it …show more content…

In the first, people suffer an infection of the lungs, which leads to breathing difficulties. Whoever has this disease or contamination to any extent cannot escape but will die within two days. Another form, which boils appear under the armpits and cause disease, and a third form in which people of both genders are attacked in the hip area. Hygiene was very important at the time so that you had less of a chance to get the disease it helped you stay away from dehydration and staying healthy so you don’t end up like everyone else. The best-known symptom of bubonic plague is one or more infected, enlarged, and painful lymph nodes, known as Buboes. After being transmitted by the bite of an infected flea, the pestis bacteria become localized in an inflamed lymph node where they begin to connect reproduce. Buboes associated with the bubonic plague are commonly found in the armpits, groin and neck region, which can spread very easily causing very many

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