Black Nationalism : The Victims Of White Brutality

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African American individuals have been the victims of White brutality for hundreds of years. Since I, Malcolm X, as well as those who choose to follow me, consider me a Black Nationalist freedom fighter, I feel as if it is my responsibility to put this brutality to an end. Black Nationalism is my social philosophy and it states that the Black man should have full control of his community that should rely on its “Black membership for economic sufficiency and that refuses to be manipulated by Whites” (Revolutionary Paideia, 2013). The economic aspect of Black Nationalism requires for Afro-Americans to be in control of their own wealth. The time of the white man telling “us what to do and what not to do is long gone” (Malcolm X). Even though I am no longer the man who despised and resented the White man for all that he has done to me and those like me, I still believe in justice and standing up for myself. Consequently, I firmly believe that racial and economic justice can be achieved in a peaceful manner; however, one should be able to defend him or herself if it deems necessary. It is imperative that one must understand that I began experiencing brutality at a very young age. When I was only four years young, the Klu Klux Klan burned down my family’s home in Nebraska, causing all of us to move to Michigan. Ironically enough, the same thing happened once again in our new home prompting my family and I to move once more. Despite those terrible events, I was still very

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