Black Skin White Skin By Fanon

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I will try to tackle your first question Shakespear. I think I can see why Fanon would be so skeptical of an economical approach towards “disalienation” and would be more inclined to a “psychological fix”. Early in his work, Black Skin, White Masks, Fanon introduces us to Mayotte Capecias, a black woman married to a wealthy white man. In his description of her, he retells a story that Mayotte had told him. She had repeatedly asked her husband, Andre, to allow her to accompany him to the Didier, a social club for the “Marinique whiteys” (61). Yet, even though Mayotte has scaled the social ladder with her marriage to Andre, while she was at Didier she is not never at ease. The thoughts of her “wearing too much makeup” or “not properly dressed”

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