Black Sunday Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered what happens when smoke meets fog, and how deadly dust storms really are. Not everybody knows experiences that. There both are very deadly. One very deadly incident was when there was a lot of fog everywhere in Delhi, India. In the smog there was a very deadly particle called PM 2.5. There was also a very deadly dust storm, called “Black Sunday”. “Black Sunday” was the biggest dust storm to ever occur in the United States. Sometimes, when people try to help human life, they harm it instead of helping it. People have suggestions on how to fix man-made problems.
During the US Great Depression in the 1930s, a huge problem for farmers in the Southern Plains region of the US was something called the Dust Bowl, a decade of
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From November 1-9, 2016, there was horrible smog that went through Delhi, India. The reason that the smog was so deadly is because in the smog there was a dangerous particle that was roaming in the air. The particle is called PM 2.5. Having PM 2.5 in the air was more than 16 times the limit that the government of India thought was safe (Barry 11). Delhi’s Chief minister called for emergency measures, including a five-day stop on construction, a 10 day closure of a power plant, and a three day closure of about 1,800 schools. Everyone was advised to wash their eyes with running water and to go to a hospital if you are experiencing problems like “breathlessness, giddiness, chest pain, and chest constriction (Barry 11). The way people survived was by wearing masks and by putting purifiers in rooms and staying there. It was very hard for people to get out of the house or to exercise. People couldn’t go out to eat or go to the movies. They can only go places where the air is purified (Barry 11). When it got cold the Delhi’s poor will burn trash and plastic for warmth which adds to the smog(Barry 11). Fireworks will also be set for the Hindu Festival Diwali which would add to the smog as well. There is also normal pollution like cars and construction. People would have to survive the first few days with the smog. “The damage from sustained exposure is the same as smoking more than two packs of cigarettes a day” (Barry 10). People are most likely to identify pollution as their health problems. It was hard for people to work when the government closed everything. There was not a lot of energy in delhi, being the powerplant was down. During the time the smog was in delhi, and when the government was trying to fix it. People could of done their part of helping the environment or even help other people. The article doesn't fully explain how the smog exited Delhi, but I know the air started to
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