Blizzards Research Paper

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Blizzard in Iran 1972
There are two types of blizzards. There’s a normal blizzard and a ground blizzard. A normal blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong winds of at least 56 km/h or 35 mph (15.56 m/s) and is lasting for a good amount of time. It’s typically three hours or more. A ground blizzard is a blizzard where snow isn’t falling, but loose snow and ice on the ground is lifted and blown by strong winds, usually the same as a normal blizzard, but sometimes it’s not as powerful.
43 years ago, the deadliest blizzard of all time powered through the lower Caucasus and into Iran, where it killed 4,000 people. It’s called The Blizzard of 1972. It wasn’t a mild storm. It wiped out entire villages. 200 villages got wiped off the

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