Blood Treatment Of Blood Transfusion Essay

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Plasma, red blood cells, antigens, and antibodies are just some of the components of blood that have to be studied before matching a donor and recipient for a blood transfusion. Blood transfusion is a complex and long process that has a unique matching market of its own. In order to see if the blood is a safe match, technicians have to check for compatible blood types (the most preferable is type O), non-matching antigens, and finally cross-matching to see if the antibodies will attack the donor’s cells. All of this is done in a large market with blood from hundreds of thousands of donors. Due to the large number of options and room for the match to be ineffective or be rejected, there are numerous problems in this market. It is possible for there to be a mix up with the blood, or unknown factors could arise where the donor and recipient end up being a bad mix. There is an arduous, difficult process of making a match in this market, and this causes some problems that I will propose a few solutions for. First, there are many terms involved with blood and transfusions that should be understood before moving onto the substance of this essay. Some of the more important terms are antigens, antibodies, ABO groups, and Rh. Antigens are proteins/carbohydrates that are able to be recognized by our immune systems, then foreign antigens that the immune system detects are attacked and destroyed by antibodies. Antibodies are present in everyone. They are molecules in the immune system
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