Bloodhound SSC: Will Cars Be Fast Than Other Vehicles

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Bloodhound SSC (new supersonic car invented by the inventor of thrust2 and thrust SSC) Supun Jayawardana 9B2 (on the topic ‘Will cars be faster than other vehicles’) Introduction • This report will demonstrate on the topic “Will cars be faster than other vehicles?” according to primary sources and secondary sources. ‘Will cars be faster than other vehicles’ investigation is result of an interview done through Email and through primary sources working website. Table of Contents • Title page • Task sheet (pg. 1-5) • Introduction and table of contents (pg. 6) • My mind map (pg. 7) • My primary source (pg. 8-11) • Sec sources (pg. 11-17) • Written report (pg.18-20) • Bibliography…show more content…
As the fuel engine runs the battery charges. The battery is connecting to the powerful 543kw motor, which can make it run 60 kmp/h for a long day. All hybrid cars running on batteries most of the times. So it is having a huge fuel efficiency when compared to others. Using hydrogen fuel is another way to increase power of engines. Compared to other fuels, hydrogen combustion is powerful. It can easily take off hundreds of tonnes and reach a speed of more than the sound (for examples, rocket use hydrogen combustion to take off) As the rockets use it, they reach a speed more than sound few minutes and just imagine what a speed cars will have by using hydrogen. Electric motors (electric engine) Electric motors are having a one interesting point, which can beat a fuelled engine (click here to watch the video). It is that an electric car can beat an Italian sports car and a NASCAR (NASCARS are Super charged with V8 engines!)? Yes! X1 Electric car is having the opportunity of winning using its trick of keeping the same speed at the start, race and the end. This is simply base on gearbox. Electric car puts its maximum torque at once but the cars use gears, which makes it slow in pick-up. Date location driver vehicle Power 1 km mph
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