Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited

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The Board of Directors of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited is in charge of the Company 's general corporate administration, including receiving the fitting strategies and methodology intended to guarantee that the Company is appropriately figured out how to secure and improve shareholder premiums and that Directors, administration and workers satisfy their capacities viably and capably. The Board has made a system for dealing with the Company, including embracing applicable inward controls and a danger administration process which it accepts are suitable for the Company 's business. The primary corporate arrangements and practices embraced by the Company are compressed underneath. Also, numerous administration components are contained in the constitution of the Company. The Board, in setting up its corporate administration standards, had respect to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, and unless unveiled beneath the greater part of the Recommendations have been connected. The explanations behind any takeoff from these standards and Recommendations are clarified underneath. The Board aides and screens the business and issues of the Company for the benefit of the shareholders by whom they are chosen and to whom they are responsible. The target of the Board is to make and convey long haul shareholder esteem through a scope of expanded however between related option speculation administration exercises. While every territory of the Company 's and

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