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Bo Burnham and Self-Deprecation in Comedy Self-Deprecation is arguably one of the most popular comedic styles these days. People enjoy putting themselves down, making themselves the butt of the jokes, because it’s easier to make yourself a joke before someone else does. Sigmund Freud talked about self-deprecation, along with other comedic devices, as a way to make one feel superior to others, and I think that even now that definitely a thing. The list of comedians who use self-deprecating humor goes on and on, but my personal favorite would be Bo Burnham, who has centered his entire career on making fun of himself, while also critiquing society as a whole. His latest show “what.” is a shining example of that, since with almost each and …show more content…

The whole bit takes self-deprecation to a whole psychological and mental level that I’ve never seen any other comedian do before. It’s incredibly theatrical in nature, and just one of those times in the show where he’s basically calling himself a wreck for laughs, though in a much more crude fashion. Freud talks about how laughter garners a sense of superiority in people, and that fits in perfectly with Burnham, because he actually has a bit in his show where he talks about how he goes about making himself seem better than others. He does this by saying random phrases, such as “Check out this Amish website,” and “I work at a toll booth and I don’t want to kill myself.” He says that phrases like these are things that people wouldn’t normally say, and by saying them, he’s making himself superior to others in a way. It seems like a legitimate bit because he’s very confident in his delivery, because his stage persona is already incredibly overconfident, arrogant, and obviously already feels a sense of superiority. At the end of Burnham’s show, he has another miming bit, where three separate people are talking to him (all recorded voices that he did), one of a girl who went to high school with him and wants to use his fame to try and impress friends, one who is an agent who wants to exploit him and basically make him sell out, and another who is a guy that only knows of Burnham and insists that he’s changed. They tell him that he sucks and they

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