Bob Marley Song Impact

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Bob Marley is generally known globally for countless topics ranging from becoming a symbol of piece, to the different messages he attempts to spread in his songs. Being born in Jamaica, the struggles of his life helped him to realize what his purpose in life was, however, I believe even Bob Marley himself would be slightly shocked at how extensively his music has impacted the world. Because he was born in 1945, he was able to see the Civil Rights Movement progress and in some cases helped it by integrating his foreign, Rastafarian culture into America’s music market. Bob Marley was also born a couple of months before World War II ended so, in addition, he knew how separated the world actually was, so he tried to encourage messages of peace and positivity for everyone throughout some of his music. All in all, Bob Marley’s music goes deeper than just sounds categorized as Reggae, his music helped mold American culture by slowly developing foreign ideas and generally promoted positivity with peace for everyone.

Born in the city Nine Mile, Bob Marley was raised not only less fortunate than most, but he was also raised with heavy emphasis on the Rastafarian culture most Jamaicans take up. Several lyrics from some of his songs includes countless Jamaican traits that helped the American Civil Rights Movement by integrating his Jamaican culture into American culture by using the power of music. The song ‘Buffalo Soldier’ helps Americans visualize how some people in Jamaica
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