Bobby Coming Of Age : Bobby Coming Of Age

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Bobby Coming of Age The attitude of a person’s actions can reflect on what we think about people. In The First Part Last we are shown this a lot throughout learning who Bobby is. I keep in mind that just based off of age, it cannot define whether or not he had become a man. Although, what is it that gives us the ability to judge if a man is a man or if he is just a mature teenager? Knowing that Bobby was mature enough to take on a responsibility to keep a child, does it make him a man or did he do it because of his emotions? We could see that Bobby had taken more responsibility after Feather, when finding out about the situation Nia was in. The author of the story, Angela Johnson, allowed me to ask myself these questions. So overall, we are able to develop the idea of Bobby becoming a man at the end of the book. Bobby becoming a man was difficult for him to want, but he was able to realize it happens unexpectedly and he cannot control it. Along with coming of age, Bobby ends up in a situation he never expected to happen. He left Feather by herself while he was playing basketball and when he realized, he set the ball down gently and it rolled away on its own. As if it was Bobby’s childhood rolling away from him. The different symbols represented in the book also show. Bobby’s childhood and him wanting to know what could have happened if Nia didn’t get pregnant. Also, the overall theme is based on coming of age. People will think of Bobby as immature at the stage of life he

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