Body Cameras On The Police : The Use Of Body Cameras

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Police worn body cameras are beginning to spread worldwide. As the accusation of police brutality is on the rise it is necessary for police officers to wear body cameras on their uniform. This way every action the officer takes while they are on duty is recorded. After the case that happened in Ferguson, Missouri commenced the use of body cameras. There are many benefits that come along with officers wearing the cameras on their uniform. Body cameras should be worn on a police officers’ uniform because they can provide reliable evidence. A certain case is said to have led to the discussion about body cameras and led to the start of several police departments using them. In Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014, a police officer named Darren Wilson shot and killed an unarmed eighteen-year-old named Michael Brown. There are no visual recordings of what happened between the officer and the eighteen-year-old because the officer was not wearing a camera. The eyewitnesses accounts of the incidents were usually in conflict with other eyewitnesses, therefore, it is unknown what truly happened between the two. If Wilson had been wearing a body camera it could have ended the uncertainty of what happened that day and stopped the future violent protests and events that occurred (Sanburn, Josh). When the criminal charges against Darren Wilson were dropped the parents of victim Michael Brown began urging people to join their campaign that would require police officers around the United

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