Body Image

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Since I was very young my family has always encouraged a typical thin body as the “healthy” body. I remember we had a very traditional family dinner with a meat, carb, and many vegetables, we were not allowed to leave the table until our vegetables and salads were finished. After dinner, we typically took walks around the golf course, played soccer or basketball, or swam. Nothing about this appeared to me at the time as anything different or encouraging to be fit and thin or that it was even becoming internalized that this was being instilled to us as that desired way to be. I can remember two specific events that happened when I was very little that began to encourage me to be conscious of my weight and by association look at others’ weight. The first memory was visiting my grandfather. This is when I noticed how much of my families eating and exercise routine …show more content…

Although, as I have mentioned above, there are aspects relating to body image that I appreciated I do not feel “changed” in my bias or perspective. This documentary targeted body image as a whole, which was impactful as it included burn victims, eating disorders, transgender, disabled, and women from all over the world. However, based on where I believe that my bias is coming from I do not feel as though my perception has changed. Moreover, upon writing this paper, reading the articles, and watching the documentary, it has become clearer to me that my bias is related to laziness and the lack od a desire to live a healthier lifestyle rather than body image issues. I found myself wondering as I reflected upon why I have this bias during the film that maybe I surround myself by thinner people because it motivates me to maintain my body size and be more active. I believe that my bias stems from a history of conditioning healthy life habits, including types of food and amounts consumed, as well as a societal impact to be

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