Body Image Essay

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When navigating to the official website of Self, one of today’s leading women’s magazines, I was not surprised to immediately stumble upon a photograph of two slender women, in skimpy shorts and sports bras, exercising on the beach. “Flat belly Secrets” was the headline under the image, along with the subtopics “Magic Moves that Work Your Whole Core,” “Superfoods for a Sexy Stomach,” and “4 Ab Mistakes Everyone Makes.” It is no secret that modern American culture gives great importance to body image, namely to having a “perfect” physique, although a vast majority of the population is far from attaining said physique. I struggled for years to “make peace” with my own body and obtain a positive body image, hence why I have chosen to …show more content…

The internalization of the “thin ideal” denotes a key cause of such dissatisfaction (Dittmar). Thin-ideal internalization is the degree to which a person will consciously accept a social definition of beauty, and in turn take action to parallel these values (Thompson and Stice). The mass media is viewed by countless body image experts as a “particularly potent and pervasive” root of thin-ideal internalization because of the notoriously unattainable idea of perfection it portrays (Boone et al.). Young girls and women are plagued every day by images of pin-thin, underweight women, not-so-subtle implications of the standard of attractiveness that they feel expected to meet, and are made to feel inadequate when they inevitably fail. From Sterk’s article of how she went about doing her fieldwork on prostitution, I realized that the interview process is lengthier than I originally thought. Though my research does not require me to establish a close relationship with my interviewees as much as Sterk’s did (my topic isn’t nearly as sensitive and I am not doing fieldwork as part of my profession), I learned that in order to obtain the most honest answers, I must take time to engage in conversation, not jump straight to questions relevant to my report. Obviously I knew I had to advance towards people in a nonjudgemental manner, avoiding providing my own opinions, but I

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