Essay on Book Club 3: Connection to the Modern World

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Book Club 3
Part A: Connection to the modern world
The article I decided to relate to my book is the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, this article was dated July 23, 2013. This was a tragic event which leads to the death of a young black male, who was killed by a white male. In the book black like me, a black male was also killed by a white male. Both of these texts the white males were both let free and charger free after the committed murder. They both weren’t dealt with the same justice ways, Zimmerman’s case was actually looked at but in the lynches case the evidence wasn’t even looked in to. In both cases the suspect were favored because they were white which indicates racism, the reason I say this is because in the lynches …show more content…

The issues that I believe will never leave this society is that if 10 people out of 100 people in a race doing bad things but the other 90 don’t , the race will be judged on the actions of the other 10. That’s what I believe happens in the modern day, the way this society think in modern day will end up in just destroying the hope of ending racism.

Part B: Socio-Political order and the Narrative Myth
Meaning in Texts:
1. The speaker in this text is author of the book John Howard Griffin. The author’s point of view is the way blacks are treated; John has both the perspective of a white male and a black male back in the 1960s. In “Black like me” the silent people are the black even though the book shows the way black live, back in the 60s black people had less rights and respect then there fellow whites. The reason I say the blacks are silent is because they don’t have the power to voice the options and how they fell. The blacks are discriminated against and have no power in what happen and how it happens.
2. The story told is of the black male, I say this because the book talks about the life of a black person. The whole plot of the book is based on a white man named john who took a medicine to darken his skin and journey the life of a “Negro”, the black males life is horrible they are discriminated based on their skin and are verbally and mentally abused. The life of a white male is somewhat told but isn’t told as much

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