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Shadows Bright as Glass Book Report

If you think you have seen it all, you are wrong. In this remarkable true story, Amy Ellis Nutt brings to you something that is nor miracle nor disaster, yet somewhere in between. Shadows Bright as Glass is exactly what the front cover states, “The Remarkable Story of One Man’s Journey from Brain Trauma to Artistic Triumph”.
With no prior health conditions or problems, Jon Sarkin was just a regular humble 33 year old guy, who enjoyed low key activities such as golf, playing guitar, or spending his time with his family, to keep him happy. His hobbies mirrored his personality, as he was just a sensible, laidback, guy who kept everything simple. What he didn’t know is that the twisted feeling movement in …show more content…

He began to call his mother “Ida”, the name of his dog back home. Immediately, Kim knew something was wrong. “We need help!” she called out. “We need a doctor!” A resident of the hospital rushed over asking Jon how he was and began to check his pupils. If the pupils dilated, all was good and the brain was functioning well. If the pupils didn’t dilate, there was bleeding in the brain. Jon’s pupils barely moved. The resident said “There’s a lot of blood.” to himself. It was bad. He had to tell Kim and Jon’s mother, Elaine, to step out right away. Jon was suffering from a massive stroke. At the bottom of his brain a blood vessel had burst, soaking the cerebellum in blood and causing it to swell. His brain was pressing so hard against his skull that blood had leaked through the surgical burr hole in the bone and breached the dam at the site of the wound in his scalp. Now the cerebellar tissue was pushing down on the spinal cord, cutting off the flow of oxygen-rich blood into the brain stem. Any second Jon could go into cardiac arrest and lose consciousness. He stopped breathing. Unless something was done in the next few minutes to relieve the pressure, Jon would almost surely die. The resident punched in an emergency code on the phone and then a hospital wide announcement was made saying, “Code Blue! Code Blue! Code Blue!”. After having to use defibrillator, removing layers of the cerebellum (which affected …show more content…

This book shows how quick and unexpected life can be. One moment Jon Sarkin was just a family guy playing golf with a friend until seconds later a “twist” in his brain would leave him changed forever. This book also really represents the complexity and art of the brain. The brain truly holds so much. In just a three pound mass of tissue, someone’s emotions, instincts, behaviors, perspective, knowledge, thoughts, physical actions, and so much more, are kept. The brain is the universe to a human. It is everything. The importance of the human brain is shown through Jon Sarkin’s changes. Sure, physical injuries are common amongst surgeries, but isn’t it crazy to witness someone truly change from who they are and never go back. Jon used his changes and alterations to become something positive. He used his sudden urge to create, to be a career for himself. He is now a well know artist and a living piece of intricate art. The brain and behavior of Jon Sarkin might have abandoned him, but he fought through and persevered to at least become the husband, father, friend, artist and anything more his, loved ones could

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