Book Review : ' Quinceanera '

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F is for formal, festival, and fifteen. Fifteen isn’t just a number, but it is an important celebration event in the hispanic community called quinceañera. When I was the age fifteen it was when i marked to make the transition of a young women into womanhood. A quinceañrea is a huge celebration to the young women’s family, because it’s almost as important as a wedding. It takes month of planing, but I only had under a month to get everything ready. Having less than a month felt like i was a little ant roaming everything, since everything had to be rush. Everything was formal as if i was planning everything based of a princess movie like Cinderella when they were having the ball. It seemed like i was trying on about hundreds of ball gown dresses the first week. There was two things my mom, and I argued about, if the dress was too bright like if the sun was shining on me that the whole world would noticed me even from the distance, or if it was too light like driving in the middle of the night without your headlights on so nobody would even see you. After fighting like two blue jays, we finally decided over a color that was in between a cool and warm blue. Not only was a quinceañera an important event for the for me, my family, and other people that are close to me like my friends, but it was like a big festival. The whole day seems like Cinco De Mayo, because there was an important church service, and a big reception afterwards, but this time were not celebrating for winning
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