Booker T Washington Accomplishments

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When looking at the importance of Booker T. Washington’s life, his accomplishments must be acknowledged. He started by making a way for himself to become more educated. Without education, he may have never been placed in a position in society able to share his philosophy. Washington can also be credited for having a philosophy that was not only accepted by African Americans, but White people as well. The construction and development of Tuskegee into a thriving institution for African Americans can also be named as one of his accomplishments (Washington 447). It wasn’t until Washington gave his Atlanta Exposition/ Compromise speech in 1895, that he became a national icon (Washington 447). Enclosed in his speech was a message which “argued that African Americans should defer the quest for equal rights in return for low-level economic opportunities” (Washington 447). This speech was his greatest accomplishment because it thrusted him into the national spot light. Washington went on to help with organizing protests, and offer his support to civil rights groups. Though he was applauded by many for his speech, others condemned him for it because it looked as though Washington was trying to appease White people. It is also noted that “Washington’s words in speeches have been misinterpreted as more conservative than Washington intended and that his more radical statements about racial injustice have been overlooked” (Bishop). Words are misinterpreted on a daily basis but

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