Boomer Suicide Essay

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Boomer suicide has been growing in charges over the past decade and yet nobody hears about it. In truth, studies and preventions on this topic are being averted despite the fact that it is able to save lives. Even though this isn’t my generation, I view this topic as a vital problem. The growth of boomer suicides increases a concern for the boomers in my life. What about others that are privy to this subject matter? Do they have the same fear? If that is the case, then why has nobody done anything to help? There's a difference between living and existing. Some people may feel as though they’re just going through a never ending cycle of disappointment. In this day and age, it is easy to feel this way due to money, ailments, illnesses, …show more content…

However, suicide among baby boomers did not just occur spontaneously. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reveals that the baby boomers had higher suicide rates in their teen years as well (Jaslow). This means that not only are the boomers deaths being ignored currently, but have been ignored throughout their lifetime. The shunning of this generation’s misfortune has gone on for far too long. It should be encouraged for boomers to get the help they need, or have needed. Taken at face value, boomers are supposed to be the generation of “great expectations”, according to Julie Phillips, an associate professor of sociology at Rutgers University (Jaslow).. However, this anticipation for a perfect life leads to feelings of unfulfillment and disgrace. These emotions make a person feel as though they are a failure, and without achieving their goals it will only grow relentlessly. The potential that resides in their hope needs to be revealed rather than hidden because of the stresses they face ; this is where the topic of assisting these individuals should rise. The person shouldn’t be the only one ‘responsible’ for their own death ; in fact, the difficulties that we as American citizens face should be at blame. Christopher Ruhm, a professor of public policy economics at the University of Virginia, states research shows that for every single percent point increase in a state’s unemployment

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