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In the movie Born Free, Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers play conservationists Joy and George Adamson, who become the surrogate parents of three lion cubs, later giving two to a zoo and keeping Elsa, the smallest of the bunch. As their time with the lioness continues, they are given orders to return her to the wild, where they realize they must return her to her roots among the African Savannah, touching on the theme of nature and the true meaning of freedom. Elsa's legacy within this film is her role as an ambassador-like role in being a bridge between mankind and nature in helping understand the limit in humanity's ability to survive alongside the wild.
Like humans, animals are capable of emotion. Many people fear creatures like Elsa because they are mainly known for their instinctual and predatorial nature. In the film, John Kendall, George's boss and presumably experienced in wildlife like lions, is fearful of Elsa despite her easygoing and merry attitude with the Adamsons. His position somewhat makes this ironic, as one would not normally fear what they are trying to protect and take care of. Elsa portrays a wide range of emotions that people would usually think she would be unable to comprehend. Elsa expresses sorrow when Joy leaves for town and as she waits for her to come back home, and then elation in Joy’s return. Lions and most animals have different ways of communicating their needs and emotions. Humans tend to attribute human interactions to animals’ actions,

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