Bottled Water And Its Effect On Our Society

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Nearly 30 years ago a North American surge began. It all started when North Americans lost faith in their government’s ability to provide its citizens with safe and reliable means of drinking water. This was a tragic incident for the environment as well as the world’s citizens. While thousands of North Americans desire for bottle water increased, this gave corporations the opportunity to swoop in and save the day, and of course make a profit. This dawned the era of bottled water. Corporations began selling pre bottled “safe” water for the public to drink. People then began to get hooked on the convenience of bottled water, and lost faith in their government’s ability to provide drinking water. Bottled water then became ingrained within the …show more content…

bottled is a whapping $1649.80 per person. That’s enough money to send a family of four on a trip to the Caribbean. While also having more then enough tap water available at any time.

From an environmental standpoint, tap water is the clear winner. When a water bottle is thrown out, it’s first transported to a waste treatment facility. Unfortunately, because it takes over 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose, almost half of all water bottles are incinerated. Which intern, pollutes the air and can cause global warming. Last year, the U.S. alone threw out over 21.9 billion plastic water bottles. That’s enough to rap around the world three times.

Each year over 2.5 billion kg’s of plastic were used in the making water bottles. Therefore nearly 1.25 billon kg’s of plastic bottles are incinerated every year, creating a total of 750 billion kg’s of C02 waste. Think about it like this, over 34.5 billion trees would be needed to counteract the C02 waste created by incinerating these water bottles. That’s enough trees to completely cover Ireland two times over! Additionally, the cost to manufacture, proses, transport, pump, and to refrigerate our bottled water comes at an insane cost of 67 million barrels of oil worldwide.

Now lets move on to the effects of bottled water on our health. Water bottles are made of a special type of plastic called

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